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Our international managers have many years of experience in the successful implementation of sustainable growth, further development and reorientation.

They come from various disciplines and develop pragmatic concepts to improve corporate performance.

All team members have several years of industry and management experience and are quick and consistent in their implementation.

By being willing to provide companies with capital quickly and unbureaucratically, CMR creates the necessary financial and accounting leeway for companies.


Managing Director

  • Born in 1960, lives in Germany
  • Studied Business Administration at the Universities of Hamburg and St. Gallen
  • Doctorate at the University of Basel
  • More than 30 years of professional and management experience, including 2 years in the finance industry
  • 6 years in top management consulting
  • 10 years in the media industry and 8 years in the service industry (outsourcing industry)
  • Various management positions including CEO, CFO, Head of Strategic Planning, Head of Controlling
  • He has been an investor for 5 years and an entrepreneur for 13 years

Mag. Christian Zimmer

Managing Director
  • Born 1965, lives in Austria
  • Studied law in Vienna and Innsbruck
  • More than 30 years of international professional and management experience, especially in EMEA and Asia
  • Specialties: Corporate development, sales, M&A, market entry, various management positions (CEO, CMSO)
  • Focal points: Production, trade and services
  • Active as an entrepreneur for more than 20 years