CMR offers medium-sized companies in various industries both capital strengthening as well as management and reallocation expertise.


Our approach goes beyond traditional management and provides companies with the financial resources they need to grow. CMR is committed to providing equity capital to enable companies to regain flexibility and the ability to act.

The aim of our work is to increase the relevant enterprise’s value.


CMR’s partners all have many years of experience as managing directors or board members of companies in a wide variety of industries. CMR therefore offers the respective companies management expertise as well as the readiness to fill executive mandates, board of directors mandates, and supervisory board mandates with CMR partners or to expand the respective bodies.

This commitment is an essential building block for a successful restructuring and for the growth of the companies.


We first develop innovative concepts for the successful further development or reorientation of business activities. Then our focus lies on the consistent implementation of the new concepts as well as the securing of sustainable growth.

As managers with many years of international experience in a wide variety of industries, we have many years of experience in the successful implementation of sustainable growth strategies, further development and reorientations.